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By Nick Muller
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Key Element #1: 
Recruit "A" Players consistently
When you have a process to reliably recruit "A" players to your team - morale increases and drama quickly decreases, making progress quicker. A players in the right seat stay longer and contribute higher value, are more organised and don't create friction.
Key Element #2: 
How to setup Structures to align people
One of the missing ingredients I often see is a lack of structure leaving people bewildered, not knowing exactly how they are supposed to contribute to the greater cause. In my webinar you will learn exactly which structures make the entire direction possible, linking people's actions with the direction.
Secret #1:
Build Dashboards that create focus
I will run through my most useful, commonly used dashboards that make problems transparent - and consequently create focus; shifting your people's actions to where they need to be.
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